Big City, Good Dogs

I recently enjoyed my second trip to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City this month. And though much of my time is spent at the show itself, my husband and I also make a point to enjoy the city a bit as well. And it’s a Read More

4 Years, 14 Lessons

Once upon a time there was a girl who ran a dog walking and training business, and in her spare time she would blog, sharing valuable information about how to raise a happy, healthy dog. And then one day she became way too busy with her business, leaving her with Read More

It’s All About the Energy!

Well hello there! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to write. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been lounging on the beach all summer long with a margarita in my hand, but that’s not quite the case. I’ve been busy spending my summer days with dogs Read More

Kim & Chris Palermo

The Dog Lover Theory

Throughout the summer my hubby, dogs, and I are fortunate to be able to enjoy many weekends in Kennebunk, Maine, thanks to my in-laws. They own a denture business, whose office sits below a comfortable condo that often becomes our weekend home. The fortunate thing about staying above a denturist’s Read More

Bunch of Dogs

Oyster Cracker Magic

While Chris was down in Florida for a work meeting this Tuesday, I avoided a boring evening at home by myself by packing up the girls and heading to my parent’s house in Atkinson, NH. I didn’t get my love from dogs late in life…I grew up in a household Read More

THIS is why I LOVE my job!

Every day I experience as a dog walker is filled with laughs, surprises, and on occasion, frustration. However, it’s not very often that I get so delighted I get a chill…on a hot summer day! I’ve mentioned Gracie before, she’s a “retriever-mix,” I couldn’t even guess what she’s made up Read More

Brown Border Collie

Another Collie!

It doesn’t require much reading for you to realize that I absolutely LOVE Collies! Not only have I grown up in a household filled with Collies and currently own two myself, but I find every bit of their personality to be absolutely perfect! (Sorry to any offend anyone, but we’re Read More

Cute Dog

The Nose Knows

The other day as my husband, Chris, and I were walking our girls, he brought up something that he said really amazes him. He said he was amazed that dogs, such as bloodhounds, can be used to track people. He asked me if people really have a scent that is Read More

Dogs in a Kennel

A Scary Moment

Well this weekend didn’t turn out as we had hoped. It all started off well. Early Friday morning the girls, my husband Chris, and I all got up early and headed to the Topsfield Fairgrounds for Elsa to compete for her final leg in Rally Excellent. And though it was Read More

Border Collie

To My Ten Best Friends

As a young girl who absolutely loved Collies, no series of books were more perfect for me than Albert Payson Terhune’s popular children books about Collies, beginning with Lad: A Dog. To this day, I have an impressive collection of the old books and like to browse through them every Read More