Another Collie!

Brown Border Collie

It doesn’t require much reading for you to realize that I absolutely LOVE Collies! Not only have I grown up in a household filled with Collies and currently own two myself, but I find every bit of their personality to be absolutely perfect! (Sorry to any offend anyone, but we’re all titled to our opinions!)

And so you could only imagine my excitement when I received a call to take care of Abby, a sweet, 10 year old blue-merle Collie. During our week together, despite the awful weather (ugh this rain!!) Abby and I had a wonderful time together! She was a quirky old girl, every time I’d snap on her leash she’d grab it and carry it as we walked out of the house. And whereas my girls would tip-toe around puddles (they don’t even like to walk in wet grass!) Abby would slowly make her way through a puddle, enjoying every moment! She also loved to roll in the grass, even as it was pouring rain. And of course, she got along wonderfully with Elsa and Reese, I truly believe that dogs recognize others who are of the same breed. We were lucky with one sunny day and I was able to snap some great pictures of the three Collies walking through a field at Spring Hill Farm. Enjoy!!