Spring into spring with dog training classes

Two dogs in front of a purply-pink sunset

Did you just get a new pup? Or perhaps adopted a dog from the local shelter? This spring, you should put some thought into dog training classes. Here’s why!

Dog training sets a great foundation

Dogs need a lot of things. They need to be fed, and vetted, and loved. They need enrichment, like going for walks or being played with (or taking rides in the car, if your dog likes that), but most of all they need structure. Structure can come in the form of routines, and in training. Training can help set a structural foundation so your dog knows what to expect of you in your home, and at certain times of the day. Dog training can help get a dog used to their environment and make sure they mesh well with you and your family.

Dogs can’t speak

Obviously, we know that dogs can’t speak to us. They can’t tell us what they want or what they need. Sometimes they can notify us of things by barking or whining, or by running to a certain place in the house, but sometimes these behaviors can be annoying, demanding, or intrusive. Training your dog can help them understand how they can communicate best with you to get your attention and help them get what they need when they need it. You want to know that your dog’s water bowl is empty, but you don’t need your dog demand-barking at you because he wants to play ball while you’re on a Zoom meeting. Dog training helps with that.

Dogs don’t want to mess up your house (but will)

Untrained dogs can mess up your house by chewing, tearing things down, jumping on counters, knocking things over, and more. They don’t mean to do these things, but they don’t know what’s expected of them (or why you’re yelling at them). Moderately trained dogs may mess up your house by doing the same, including getting into trash or other things they shouldn’t have. Well trained dogs, provided they have enough enrichment, know better. They know when you say no you mean no, and it’s off limits.

Dog training curbs undesirable behaviors

Do you find any of these behaviors annoying?

  • Demand barking or whining
  • Counter surfing
  • Ignores you when you call them/ignores you
  • No recall
  • Chewing/scratching/digging
  • Pulling on a leash
  • Jumping on people

Dog training can help! By establishing with your dog what you do and do not want to see from them, you can curb these unwanted behaviors and keep them from repeating. That’s not to say that even the most well trained dog might not get into the trash from time to time, but well trained dogs are less likely to do so. With dog training (And when your dog passes the AKC Good Citizen test!) you’ll have a stellar dog that listens to you, is polite, calm, and knows how to react in situations with varying stimuli.

That’s what we like to see here at BlueDog — dogs that succeed. If you’re ready to start dog training, we’ve got classes for you at our Andover, MA or Lawrence, MA locations. Contact us today to get started!