Online Private Coaching with Kim Palermo

BlueDog offers online private coaching with owner/professional dog trainer Kim Palermo CPDT-KA CCUI.  Online private coaching allows you to work on specific training goals from the comfort of your home, with continuous online support from Kim.

How does it work?
You will start an email thread with Kim providing her with your goals and specific skills that you would like to work on.  Kim will use the information you provide to choose your first lessons. The lessons will be a combination of written and video tutorials that you’ll use to train your dog at home, videotaping your sessions and sending them to Kim for feedback. Additionally you will be able to ask written questions whenever you feel you need assistance.  She will answer your questions and provide additional lessons as you progress.  You can post daily, or less frequently, depending on your needs.

All communication will be done via email and Kim will keep track of the time spent reviewing and writing back.  Kim provides feedback Monday through Friday and occasional weekend days.

Kim specializes in the following areas:

  • Control Unleashed for sports and pet dogs.  Kim is a Certified CU Instructor, a mentor for other trainers who are going through the CU certification process, the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy CU teaching assistant, and was a speaker that the most recent CU conference.  She has experience training dogs for a number of different sports and incorporating CU into their sport training; she currently competes in Rally and Obedience.  CU is suitable for any dog that is easily distracted and has difficulty concentrating, easily aroused, anxious or stressed, lacks confidence out in the real world or in trial environments, or is unable to control their impulses when excited.
  • Puppy Raising: Since the onset of BlueDog, Kim has had personal experience successfully raising 6 puppies into adulthood as her pet and sport dogs.  In 2019 she and her mom raised a litter of puppies together from birth, and she has also assisted breeder friends with raising their litters.  She has been teaching puppy classes since 2012 and specializes in early confidence and relationship building.  Kim can help you with puppy management, early Control Unleashed skills, a socialization plan, basic manners, and more.  She can also combine your online coaching with one-on-one puppy socialization sessions with her puppy mentor dog, Jane.
  • Adolescence: Adolescence is often the most challenging time in a dog’s life (and it’s handler’s!)  But if embraced with compassion and enthusiasm, it can be a fun time to help your dog learn and grow.  Unlike most, Kim enjoys the challenges that adolescence brings and has a fun, successful plan to help you and your dog travel this difficult stage together.  Incorporated into the plan will include Control Unleashed skills, impulse control and basic manners, and an overall view of your dog’s lifestyle and wellness routine.
  • Consulting services for dog trainers and instructors: Kim provides mentorship for dog trainers and dog training apprentices.  Contact us for more details.

For aggression cases we recommend our private training services.  

Enrollment Options

$400 for 4 hours of feedback *expires after 6 months

$110 for 1 hour of feedback *expires after 3 months

For more information, or to get started on your coaching sessions with Kim, please contact us by calling 978-208-7933 or email us at [email protected].