The Nose Knows

Cute Dog

The other day as my husband, Chris, and I were walking our girls, he brought up something that he said really amazes him. He said he was amazed that dogs, such as bloodhounds, can be used to track people. He asked me if people really have a scent that is strong enough to be picked up by a dog. I agreed, it is quite impressive! And it’s not just bloodhounds and other tracking dogs that have impressive noses.

I was thinking about what he said while I was out walking dogs. I see them sniffing constantly, but I always wonder what exactly it is that they’re smelling, and if our pets can actually distinguish what those scents are. Well, Carmen showed me that our dogs do indeed recognize and react to the scents that they’re smelling! Carmen is a little “cavapoo,” a mix between a mini Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. So really, his pedigree does not include any noted trackers! There’s another little dog, Codi, who lives near Carmen, and the two just don’t get along. Codi is a little bully and Carmen has learned to react to him in a defensive manner…he barks, his hair goes up on his back, and he runs around.

The other day we were on our way back to the house when we passed Codi’s owner. Carmen, in his super friendly way, went over to her to say hi, tail wagging and jumping with excitement! After the initial hello, he did what most dogs do, he started sniffing her all over. It didn’t take long for Carmen to catch a wiff of his nemesis, Codi! Immediately Carmen started barking, his hair went up, and he started looking around for Codi! Not only could he smell another dog, but he recognized Codi’s smell and reacted to it as if Codi was there.

I was unhappy to see that the initial happy greeting was ruined, but just amazed that little Carmen can make the association based on his nose! No doubt he could land a job in search and rescue!