Why My Dogs Are Snobs

Being a start-up business owner, I’m still living in a townhouse surrounded by other townhouses, as opposed to the farmhouse surrounded by fields that I hope to live in someday. So instead of letting my dogs run loose all day herding cows and chickens, I walk Elsa and Reese on Read More

A Tribute to a Friend

I’ve decided to start off 2009 with a story about a pup I once had. I don’t talk about Dexter much because I only had him for a short time. However, a little dog with such a big heart deserves to have his story shared. His story begins when I Read More

Dogs in the Snow

Hello 2009!

Well it’s been a while since I wrote. But I have an excuse! Running a business gets busy enough, but throw planning a wedding on top of that and I had not a minute of free time! However, the wedding is over, the dust has settled, and even though the Read More

A Real-Life Lassie

This past weekend Elsa & I attended a “meet the breed” gathering put on by the Collie Club of New Hampshire and Collie Rescue League of New England at Pet Quarters in Manchester, NH. The goal of the event was to educate the public on how fabulous Collies truly are! Read More

Why I Obey the Leash Law

Recently I moved from a rural home in New Hampshire to a townhouse in Massachusetts, and in the process I was thrown into a strange new world of gossipy neighbors, assigned parking spaces, and condo fees. Even harder to adjust to was the fact that my dog didn’t have a Read More

Dog Training 101: Repeat Commands

Here’s rule number 2: say your commands only once. Why? Because you want your dog to know that “sit” means to sit. Not “sit, sit…puppy sit. SIT!” If you begin your training by repeating a command, your puppy will quickly realize that when you first say a command, you don’t Read More