Haven’t I Mentioned the Leash Law…??

I think the weathermen might’ve gotten a couple of things wrong today. I was prepared for downpours all day long, but instead, to my delight, there was very little rain! Which was the case when I arrived to take Bruno and Doobie for their walks. Bruno is the cutest little dashund you’ll ever meet who is a splitting image of Max, the dog from “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.” Yes, he’s that cute. Doobie is a little Maltese who thinks he’s the size of a Great Dane, he’s the funniest dog ever.

We walk down to the Lawrence park on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the boys absolutely love it. Today, because the grass was wet from the earlier rain, we walked along the perimeter of the park on the sidewalk. The boys were having a wonderful time, but as we got to the far end of the park I noticed two very large dogs running around loose. Their owner was nearby but didn’t appear to have voice control. Well, I know the dogs that I walk and if/who they’ll get along with, but I don’t know the two big dogs running around the park. Not only that, but I’ve walked Bruno and Doobie past these two big dogs before, they reacted horribly…barking, growling, and pulling at the leash. Therefore, I quickly turned the boys around to go the other way. We made our way back without being spotted.

However, that hasn’t always been the case with those two. Last fall I was walking them down the street with Elsa, we were on our way back home when all of a sudden I heard lots of shouting. I looked across the street to find a dog running full speed towards us. He was a pit bull and showed no interest in listening to his owner’s calls nor any signs of slowing down. Without hesitation I braced myself and stood square and tall in front of the three dogs, not knowing what to expect. Then, out of nowhere, a car came speeding down the road and collided with the dog! He yelped, was thrown into the air, and leaped back onto his feet and took off in the opposite direction, his owner running after him. I barely had time to realize what had happened and as much as I love dogs, I must say my first feeling was that of relief. I have no idea what that dog would’ve done had he made his way to us, but I’m glad I didn’t have to find out. Based on the way he was running, the pit bull certainly didn’t seem affected by the hit, and as soon as we got back to Bruno and Doobie’s house I jotted down “buy deterrent” on my to-do list! …maybe someone should’ve followed that leash law!….

So cute : )
So cute : )
Doobie & his fav spot on the porch : )