Tara & Rosco

Tara shared her childhood with a Black Lab/German Shephard mix named Sadie. They went everywhere together; Sadie even walked her to the bus stop and picked her up from the bus stop, every day. Sadie taught Tara the concept of unconditional love and showed her just how wonderful dogs could be. Sadie was with Tara from the time she was three years old to the time she graduated from high school.

Tara is a retired Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force. While in the military, Tara was the resident dog sitter for her extended military families. Knowing how much she loved dogs, everyone came to her when they needed someone to watch their fur babies. The dogs would even live with her for extended periods of time when her military friends had to deploy. One of her favorite dogs, Morrie, lived with Tara for a year and a half. This is when Tara fell in love with Boston Terriers. She now has a beautiful Boston Terrier named Rosco. Rosco fills her days with light and love and is a blessing from above.

Tara knew she needed more dogs in her life, so she decided it was time to spend all her time with dogs. What better way to do this than walking dogs for BlueDog? Now, Tara is right where she should be.