Rachel O

I grew up in North Andover and have owned dogs and many other animals all my life. But after rescuing my second dog Brady they became my passion. I started dog walking as a side job and wanted more of a commitment. After taking an online training course I really Read More


Heather F

Heather grew up in Newburyport and has had pet dogs her entire life. She is a high school special education teacher during the day and assists in classes at Blue dog on evenings and weekends. Heather learned about Blue Dog when she started taking classes with her dog Thor and Read More


We are fortunate enough to have Susie return to BlueDog, as she worked for us back in 2011 as one of our house sitters and weekend dog walkers! In July of 2021, she rejoined our team as the Director of Training. Susie has always had a love for animals and grew up with beagles Read More


Nicole was raised during an era when all a girl needed was a fluffernutter sandwich, a few hose stops, a bike, and her dog. She and her golden retriever, Tasha, hit the streets of Melrose, MA with her older brother like it was their job. They were free to explore Read More

Sue Nowak

Sue grew up with animals and has always had a passion for them.  When she moved into her own home (years ago) she got her first Bernese Mountain Dog Tucker.  He was an amazing worker who introduced her to the fun world of clicker training and dog sports.  Since Tucker, Read More



Elaine had fun growing up around cats, and also learned the joys of living with a dog after her in-laws raised a chocolate lab named Mocha. She learned how to be a good dog momma and walk, train and play well with a canine fur baby when she and her Read More


Years ago, Kris was blessed with meeting her boyfriend [soon to be husband] and they adopted a 10 week old mixed Siberian Husky/wolf, named Shauna. Shauna taught Kris so much and they bonded immediately through love and trust. After a short while, Kris was able to teach Shauna some things too! Shauna Read More

Kate H and Edgar


Kate retired from her full-time job at the end of July 2021. For over 35 years, she worked in Customer Service and Inside Sales for various industries which included medical, insurance, pet products and metals. Her favorite job was selling pet products to small independent pet shops. Kate grew up Read More


Carla is originally from Portugal and is currently working as a School Social Worker. She holds her Masters degree in Social Work and her professional LCSW license. Carla has always had a love for dogs and would often be found playing fetch with the neighbors dogs growing up. She adopted Read More

Tara & Rosco


Tara shared her childhood with a Black Lab/German Shephard mix named Sadie. They went everywhere together; Sadie even walked her to the bus stop and picked her up from the bus stop, every day. Sadie taught Tara the concept of unconditional love and showed her just how wonderful dogs could Read More