Jeff grew up in Westford MA and has had a love for animals his whole life. He states he feels most at home anywhere there are animals whether it is cuddling with his pugs Tyson (4) and Max (3) , at the zoo or even visiting the Boston Aquarium.  He enjoyed learning  a lot at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution when he studied there several summers. 

Jeff lives in Tewksbury with his pugs and his wife of 5 years, Jodi.  When Jeff first met Jodi he also got to meet her  11 yr old pug, Toby.   Jodi had Toby his whole life but said the bond the he and Jeff developed was like no other, he was even best man at their wedding in 2018.   Toby sadly passed in 2020 at the age of 16 and Jodi was happy he had Jeff with him in his final years.

He was a nationally ranked tennis player back in the day and played at Quinnipiac University while he earned his business degree.  Jeff went on to work in finance and sales. Although he has excelled in those areas he couldn’t escape his two true passions for fitness and animals. 

Jeff is now a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist which has allowed him to share his love for health and  spend more time with his pups.   He hopes to learn more and develop a deeper knowledge and connection with dogs in his foreseeable future.