The Great Cookie Debate

Each year as the air begins to turn cold and I must pull out my winter jacket, it never fails that I will find stale dog cookies in my pockets. Search my car and I can guarantee you’ll find bits of dog kibble throughout. I will even (shamefully) admit that Read More

Walking Dogs

The Invisible Leash

Throughout the years, as I’ve worked with people and their dogs, I’ve found that we’ve become increasingly dependent on the leash. The latest and greatest collars, harnesses, and head halters are making us even more hooked on that six foot piece of fabric that connects us to our pups. I Read More

Why Touch?

I had mentioned in a previous post about the benefits of clicker training with your dog. Now for a trick that not only creates a game for your dog, but also provides a number of additional training opportunities! The trick is “touch.” It’s simple enough, you teach your dog to Read More

Why My Dogs Are Snobs

Being a start-up business owner, I’m still living in a townhouse surrounded by other townhouses, as opposed to the farmhouse surrounded by fields that I hope to live in someday. So instead of letting my dogs run loose all day herding cows and chickens, I walk Elsa and Reese on Read More