Learn How to Talk Puppy

Out of all of the many things I have learned about working with dogs, one of most helpful was learning how to talk puppy. Sounds crazy, I know….so let me explain! What I mean by “talking puppy” is to talk enthusiastically to your dog. Sounds simple enough. I’ve told clients Read More

Sepia Collie

Well Hello There, It’s Been a While!

Shame on me. 2010 was not my year for blogging. Instead I spent my time walking dogs, hiring new walkers, growing my business, and of course…spending time with Elsa and Reese! We have a lot of catching up to do. I am so excited to begin blogging once again, and Read More


It seems that this year the skunks in the Andovers are out with a vengeance! I can certainly say there were a couple of skunks that I’ve run into so far this year. I had a very close call with Reese…she was nose to nose with a skunk but came Read More