The Trip of a Lifetime

Westminster Pic

There are so many things I want to write about… such as why every dog should have an interactive toy, reviews of local parks to take your pup, and tips on how to gain off-leash control of your dog.

However, there’s something I just can’t wait to write about! At this point, you should all know I’m crazy over dogs. If you don’t, well now you know. Some girls like shopping, or obsess over shoes, and others like fine wines. I like dogs.

And to tell you a little bit more about myself…I LOVE dog shows. I love everything about them. Watching handlers work with their dogs. Seeing dogs that meet the standards of their breed. Beholding a breed I’ve never seen before. I’ll watch a dog show on TV and get so into it, I catch myself shouting at the TV, as if I were watching a football game. And of course, who doesn’t love to see the announcement of Best in Show.

So now, for my story.

It starts 5 years ago when I met the man of my dreams. He accepted me and understood me as who I am…crazy over dogs. On December 6th, 2010 we celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. Two months before our anniversary, he told me not to buy him a gift, that he got something that was for both of us. Now, a bit about Chris…he can’t keep a secret. He gives it away every time. So I was perplexed, but I figured within no time, I’d figure out what he had done. Well, I couldn’t figure it out. But he talked this gift up so much, and was so excited for it, I knew it HAD to be good. So on the day of our anniversary, I was expecting quite the surprise.

Surprised I was, but it wasn’t because the gift was something amazing. I mean, it was good. But not amazing. He handed me a gift and upon unwrapping it, I found the book Wicked. Hm. “Open it!” he said. I opened it and found two tickets to the show Wicked for February 13th. Cool! But alright, was that really worth ALL the hype?? “Look in the back” he said. I found a couple of folded pieces of paper and found pictures of Time Square on them. “We’re going to NYC??” I said! Now that’s a surprise.

Then my clever husband told me that there was one more gift to open. All of a sudden my mind started racing…this could be good…NYC in February…what could this last gift be?? I slowly unwrapped a DVD of the last Westminster Dog Show. “Open it!” he said again. And there, to my amazement, were two tickets to The Westminster Dog Show!

I don’t generally cry. I didn’t even cry when Chris proposed to me. I was happy, but there were no tears. Well, apparently all it takes is a couple of tickets to a dog show to get the tears going, because in my amazement that we were going to The Westminster Dog Show, I cried!

Ok, you’re thinking, big deal it’s a dog show. This isn’t just a dog show, it’s America’s Dog Show. The first show was held in 1877 and it has continued to bring together the best dogs of the country every year. The dogs are amazing, the people are amazing, it’s going to be amazing. To put it into perspective, this is what it’s like for a guy to go to the Super Bowl that his team’s playing in. I am SO excited.

So whether you want to hear about it or not, I’m going to tell you ALL about this trip! Look for updates in February as I tell you about the trip of a lifetime for a girl who loves dogs.

Westminster Pic