Well Hello There, It’s Been a While!

Sepia Collie

Shame on me. 2010 was not my year for blogging. Instead I spent my time walking dogs, hiring new walkers, growing my business, and of course…spending time with Elsa and Reese! We have a lot of catching up to do. I am so excited to begin blogging once again, and thanks to my amazing walkers, I finally have the time to do so!

I have many new training tips to tell you about. Also, I can’t wait to share some of my recent experiences as a dog walker…and as a dog lover! I will be attending the Westminster Dog Show at New York City next month, (a trip of a lifetime thanks to my amazing husband!) and believe me…I will tell you ALL about it! As well, I am always taking pictures of my two girls and the dogs that I walk, look for those too!

BUT…it looks like my time is already up. I have spent the entire day revamping my neglected blog. The result? Well you tell me. But the repercussions…well I’ll tell you. I’m out of time! Reese is pacing the room in her distracting attempt to, well, distract me. Look like it’s time for a walk.

However I won’t leave you nothing to read! Below, please enjoy an article I wrote my second year of walking dogs about the health benefits of my job…it just might make you want to take your pup out for a long stroll tomorrow!