Years ago, Kris was blessed with meeting her boyfriend [soon to be husband] and they adopted a 10 week old mixed Siberian Husky/wolf, named Shauna. Shauna taught Kris so much and they bonded immediately through love and trust. After a short while, Kris was able to teach Shauna some things too! Shauna spent 16 beautiful years with Kris.
Kris had gone off to college in later years, getting a degree in environmental design and becoming an interior architect/designer. Kris spent most days with her 2 Chihuahuas, Samantha and Rose. Now she has a cat named Penguin. Kris has filled in many times as a pet parent for her friends and family and has rescued a few cats and dogs along the way.
Deciding to work on design/architecture projects for select clients only, Kris wanted to find more time to walk dogs because of the exercise, being with nature and of be with the animals. “This has always been something I’ve wanted to do and now I am..I love it!”