Jessica Meade CPDT-KA

BlueDog Trainer Jessica

Jessica is originally from Ohio, where her passion for dog training first started. Her mother worked in the pet care industry Jessica’s whole life and it sparked her love for animals. Her mom was always bringing home various critters and her friends always referred to their house as “the zoo.” At any given time, there could be a bird flying around your head or a ferret running between your feet!

Her passion for dog training grew from working with her family’s dogs who always showed such an eagerness to work. She always felt a special bond with her dogs and all the animals her family had. Jessica pursued her passion after she graduated by working at a pet store as a dog trainer for three years. It was there that she met her husband and discovered her love of working with children.

In 2016, Jessica moved to Massachusetts with her husband John and their fur family, Bill the English Bulldog, Gatsby the cat and Vonnie the rabbit. After working at a daycare center and then becoming a nanny, she found that she had missed the days of her dog training career. When her nanny job ended, Jessica decided to get back into the industry and we are so lucky to have her join our team at BlueDog! She is eager to continue her education and eventually become a certified dog trainer!