SuperZoo 2009

Kim at SuperZoo

SuperZooOn September 15th, 2009, my husband, Chris, and I packed our bags and took a flight out to Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2009 SuperZoo pet industry tradeshow! Having both previously working at PetEdge, a pet supply manufacturing company, we were not strangers to these remarkable shows. Filled with the latest and greatest products in the pet industry, the shows are geared towards pet store owners looking for ways to improve their stores. In additional, doggie daycare owners, groomers, and dog walking businesses attend the show to increase their knowledge of the industry and find ways to expand their businesses.

Back when we were at PetEdge, Chris and I had to work the PetEdge booth. We would talk to people as they walked by and looked at our products. But we could never walk around the show! Every excuse I had I’d try walking down a different row to take a peek at all of the new products…dresses and costumes for small pups, beer for dogs, canned food that was sampled…to people! But I only got a glimpse of all of that and used to dream of being the business owner who could walk the floor looking for ways to better my business.

Flash forward a couple of years and there I am!

It felt amazing walking that floor as a business owner and I was able to spend all the time I had to look at new products and see where the industry is going. I saw Magic Color, a dye used to color dogs. There was Out of the Box, a card game filled with training games for you and your pup. A bottle cap that you put on your water bottle so that your dog can take a drink. And lots and lots of new dog foods….dehydrated foods, frozen raw foods, organic foods…you name it, they had it! What I enjoyed seeing the most were all of the interactive toys that are now available to keep our pups busy and thinking. With a little busy body of a dog at home (Reese) I know how wonderful those toys can be. Not only that, but all of my client’s dogs are home alone until I show up, these toys would just be wonderful to keep them occupied while no one’s home!

What was even better about the show were the informative seminars held everyday. Boy did I learn a lot about customer service, management, and running a successful business. I couldn’t wait to get home to work on improving my business!

And on top of all of that, we were in Vegas. I had never been! What an amazing city. My feet were tired and sore after walking the trade show floor all day but that didn’t stop us from exploring the city at night. I can’t say I’m any lucky in the casinos…but I had fun regardless!

What an amazing trip we had! And how lucky I am to be on the other side of the show…walking around as a business owner, with a supportive husband who is just as excited as I am! I learned so much about the pet industry and all of those new products that are available for our lovable pups. I have the luxury of working in one of the best industries I can…I mean, who doesn’t love their dog?? I’m very excited for BlueDog’s future…there are BIG things to come!!

Chris & Kim