Some of the most fun costumes for your dog

Dog in witch costume

Want to dress up your pooch this year? We want to show you some of the most exciting, funny, and interesting costumes you can dress your best friend in, regardless of whether your dog is helping you hand out candies, or going for a jaunty walk on Halloween.

UPS Delivery Person

UPS Dog Costume

Ding-dong! There’s a package for you. This hilarious costume makes it look like your dog is carrying a package, and hysterically moves while your dog walks. The costume is meant to be viewed from the front, and probably isn’t ideal for dogs that tear apart stuffed items (the box is a stuffed fake box).

Lion Mane

Lion's Mane dog costume

Simple and effective, you can put a lion mane on any golden brown dog with long-ish hair. Turn your dog into a ferocious lion without having to put a full suit costume on your dog.

Cowboy Rider

Cowboy rider dog costume

Saddle up! Throw this little guy on your dog’s back and it looks like your dog is a cowboy’s horse. Full of laughs, especially if the costume flips around and ends up on the underside of the dog. Probably not ideal for dogs that tear apart stuffed items, though. Great for little to mid-size dogs.


Peacock dog costume

Let your dog strut his or her stuff as a male peacock, complete with beautiful tail feathers. Your dog will look absolutely silly sticking their snout out of this peacock’s beak.


Unicorn dog costume

If your dog will only tolerate a small costume and not an all over one, you can throw a unicorn mane and horn right over their head. This is great for keeping dog ears warm if you plan to walk on Halloween night. Pair with a tutu and sparkly harness or collar for maximum unicorn effectiveness!

Hot Dog

Hot dog dog costume

What’s more hilarious than putting your dog between two buns? There are a variety of styles of this costume, so make sure to check out all of them before making your purchase! This costume is even more funny on long body type dogs like dachshunds (Weiner dogs).

Shrimp Sushi

Shrimp sushi dog costume

Your pup can be one of the raw ingredients underneath a bed of rice in this adorable sushi costume. The bigger this costume gets, the more hilarious it is, in our opinion. Sushi is meant to be a one-bite meal, which is what makes it funnier when it gets larger. Comes in three sizes!

Bat Wings

Bat Wings dog costume

Easy and simple, these bat wings just attach to your dog’s harness, and is a cute addition while being low effort and less likely to annoy your dog. Better still, they’re sparkly! They come in small and medium sizes.

The Best DIY Dog Costumes




Giant Beanie Baby

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