Dog-Friendly Barbecue Foods

Meat on a barbecue

Barbecues are always a great way to spend an afternoon. It can be really relaxing to get outside and grill some food. Food grilled over a flame just tastes better. But if you get that grill ready, your dog might start begging. The good news is that there are several dog-friendly barbecue foods to help make your outdoor get-together a little special for your furry friend.

Even though your dog can join in the barbecue fun, it’s important to pay attention to what’s on the food you’re giving your dogs. Food with garlic, onions, or chives on it can make dogs sick, and it might be a good idea to steer clear of heavily-spiced food and marinades in general. Here are a few foods your dogs will love to share with you.


Zucchini, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, and asparagus are great dog-friendly barbecue options. Grill them up and create an awesome treat. Be sure to cut them into smaller pieces so your dog doesn’t choke on them. Avoid giving them mushrooms and tomatoes, which can make dogs seriously sick. Corn on the cob isn’t a great option either because your dog could choke on the cob.


Watermelon can be a great treat for dogs as long as you take out the seeds and cut off the rind. Other great barbecue fruits for your dog include berries and apples (without the seeds and rind!). You can even grill up some peaches for them as long as you don’t give them the pit. For some extra fun, freeze the fruit in a tupperware full of water! They can have a great time licking the ice and digging out the fruit. Plus, it might help them cool down in the hot summer sun. 


Typically, meat is the most important part of any barbecue! Just like with your veggies, you’re going to want to cut up the meat before you give it to your dog. Hamburger is fine, but you’ll want to limit it to a couple of pieces because it’s a little fatty for dogs. Hot dogs can be troublesome due to the added ingredients in them, but if Fido sneaks a bite, it likely won’t harm him. You can also do small quantities of steak and boneless ribs. If you’re preparing it, your dog might appreciate a little grilled fish! Regardless of what you feed them, leave off the extras, like cheese. 

Our most important tip is never give your dogs bones! Bones can splinter and cause serious health issues, especially chicken bones. If you give them meat, make sure it’s off the bone. 

While we advise you not to give into your begging dog (it can positively reinforce bad behaviors), giving your dog a treat or showing off all the tricks they can do for friends and family at your BBQ might leave you wanting to give them a little something. Dog-friendly barbecue foods are great, but you still want to limit the amount you give your dogs. If they eat too much rich food, they might end up getting sick. Be sure to supplement the barbecue food with their normal diet. Still, these foods are a great way to give your dog a special treat. 

What is your dog’s favorite treat? Let us know in the comments!