Big Time BlueDog Pup!


In my opinion, all BlueDog pups are superstars. But it turns out, we actually have a doggie celebrity in our BlueDog family!

Meet Hunter, a BlueDog pup who will be competing at the 2012 Westminster Dog Show! And I will have the pleasure to cheer him on from the sidelines!

I was fortunate enough to be able to take care of Hunter a little while back. He is a fun loving, goofy boy who loves to play. He lives with three other Samoyed pups – Kallie, Cooper, and Pinky. They are a wonderful group of dogs and are so much fun!

And apparently good looks run in the family. Hunter’s mom, Kallie, received an Award of Merit at the 2004 Westminster Dog Show!

Once I found out he’d be competing at the show this year, I asked his mom to answer a couple of questions about him. This is what she had to say:

Hunter and the ComputerHunter’s show name: “GCH KallieCo’s On The Hunt”
Favorite toy: Lamby and Raccoon (he insists on bringing them outside with him)
Favorite hobby: chasing squirrels and chipmunks (and even caught a real raccoon in the backyard!)
Favorite TV show: All the commercials with dogs in them. He also likes checking out Samoyeds on the internet too (as seen in the picture)
Favorite Treat: pork liver or Butcher Boy calves liver
Skills: Exceptional bed warming, singing & digging skills
Dislikes: the blow dryer

Next Tuesday, Hunter will compete against 15 other Samoyeds to try to win Best in Breed. If he wins, he’ll then compete against the winning dog of each breed in the Working Group. That winner will go on to compete against the top dog of each of the 7 groups to win Best in Show!

You can watch the show live on the US Network next Monday and Tuesday from 8-11pm.

So please send good vibes to the BlueDog pup competing at the Westminster Dog Show! And even if he doesn’t win Best in Show, Hunter will certainly be Westminster’s top dog in my book : )