We cannot recommend BlueDog enough

We cannot recommend BlueDog enough! I have gone to other companies to train other pets in the past, and nothing compares to the trainers and programs BlueDog provides. Everyone who works there is nothing short of amazing! We have been taking classes as a family with our two dogs and any issue that we may have gets constructively addressed during class by making the proper adjustments, whether they be how to position the pups, how our body language affects them, or even how we are training them. Along with teaching our dog’s new commands and how to socialize with them, we also get to have fun in class by learning new tricks which are always fun to show off to others. The whole family looks forward to attending classes and events because we know we are in a safe, enriching environment with our dogs. I know that I can personally trust everyone who works there with Lady and Optimus because they’ve shown that they love them and all dogs just as much as I do.