Provided Teaching & Encouragement

I am happy to send this testimonial for BlueDog knowing without hesitation that in the 3 years you’ve worked with our family, and I mean our whole family, humans and dogs alike, there has never once been a time that I questioned your commitment to our dogs or the competency and passion you show as a public service business.

With the growth your business has seen, over the years, we’ve never felt that our dogs are any less important a priority to you than when you first began.

You shepherded our whole family through the new experience of being dog owners. You supported the problem solving phases and the training moments that come with rescuing dogs.

You provided the teaching and encouragement we so very much wanted and needed. When we call to adjust schedules, and we do that often, you have ALWAYS accommodated.

The comfort our dogs have with each of you on the daily visits and the overnights is our strongest measure. Thank you for all that you offer.