Knowledgeable, Professional & Flexible

When we got our 8 week old puppy Sam, we were in a panic to find someone we could trust to let him out multiple times a day for puppy pee breaks and exercise while we are at work. We were thrilled to finally have our puppy and did not want him to suffer for our busy schedules. Maintaining consistency by having BlueDog there when we can’t be, has truly made such a significant difference in Sam’s training. It would have been very difficult to get him as far as he’s come without them.

We’ve found we gained not only a dog walker but a trainer and additional resource for our puppy questions and socialization efforts for him. I am so thankful that we found Kim’s team. Sam lights up when his walker Jenn arrives and it makes us happy to know he is so well cared for.

While handing a key to your home and the care of a family member over to a stranger can be an unsettling idea, it is without hesitation that I say BlueDog proves worthy of this trust from day one, and more than lives up to their promise to put the care of your dog first. They are knowledgeable, professional and flexible at all times, really what more can you ask for?

Sam captured our hearts from day one and is an important member of our family. It is such a relief to know that he is in such excellent hands when we are away from him. Thank you BlueDog for all you do.