Genuine Care, Excellent Training

There really aren’t words for how much genuine care we received from Eric & Kimberly at BlueDog and how grateful we are for the excellent training.

Our 4-year old dachshund had become increasingly reactive both on-leash and off-leash and was beginning to make our 1-year old puppy a bit skittish as well. While he was a gentle sweetheart at home, walks in the neighborhood were nearly impossible and any canine interaction was a potentially volatile situation.

We were referred to BlueDog through a friend and I was immediately impressed with the prompt response to my initial call and the length of time Kim took to discuss our needs. Her genuine concern for our situation was evident.

(Our trainer) Eric’s unique approach built up both Dublin’s confidence and mine with each successive week. We learned to understand our dog and communicate in his canine “language” and become effective, confident “pack leaders” for him to follow. Eric is talented, knowledgeable and very personable; taking time to explain each step of the process and why it works.

The transformation has been astounding; our once very barky, nervous dog has become relaxed, comfortable and non-reactive while out in public. He is more playful at home and seems to be a happier guy overall. My 12-year old daughter started using the training techniques with our puppy and she’s discovered that she is a strong “pack leader” as well.

After only five weeks, I was able to walk both my dogs downtown, interact with other owners and their dogs and even take both my pups to the very active Andover Day festivities where they chilled out and watched the action go by without a fuss. BlueDog has given us all the tools to keep our dogs on the right track.

BlueDog exceeded our expectations many, many times over! Going forward we may even give the Canine Good Citizen class a try (hard to imagine a few months ago!) and will be using their house sitting services as well. Looking forward to dropping in on the free Walking Club this fall as well!