Hello! I’m Aya. I am from a small town in Japan at the base of Mt Fuji. I lived in Bandung, Indonesia, before moving to the U.S.A. I have lived in Miami, Detroit, New York, and Chicago, but I have found my home here in New England. I could not be happier, as I love the culture of New England.

I’m fortunate to call Tee (Boston Terrier) and Honey (Border Collie) my family.
Tee was once called “untrainable” by a trainer. Tee and I have worked hard. But most importantly, Tee’s patience taught me what dog training means. He now holds the CGC title; he still has his likes and dislikes, as we all do, and I now adore his deep personality and appreciate his trust in me. He thrives in sent work, and he takes the job very seriously!
Honey forces me to go outside more than ever. She is not afraid to remind me every day is a new day filled with adventure with her smile. Honey and I enjoy Agility and share its challenges. We both enjoy the hard work, and Honey does it gracefully, and she even makes me look good!

We love hiking and exploring new neighborhoods and parks.
I understand how precious your dogs are to you, and I’m excited to get to know you.