Alex grew up with dogs her entire life and has always had a passion for animals, which even led to her becoming a vegetarian at the age of 14. She has two lovable 3 year old Golden Retrievers named Bailey and Maddie who like to play, eat, cuddle and go for walks. One of the toughest decisions she has made was to leave the state for college.

She graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, TN with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Music Business. To stay in touch with her dogs while in school, she would often Skype with them at the expense of getting made fun of by her friends.

While in Nashville, she volunteered at the Nashville Humane Society by walking and socializing with the dogs a few days a week.  Alex’s future plans are to continue to dedicate each day to making a dog’s tail wag a little faster, and BlueDog is the perfect place for her to do that.