Hello 2009!

Dogs in the Snow

Well it’s been a while since I wrote. But I have an excuse! Running a business gets busy enough, but throw planning a wedding on top of that and I had not a minute of free time! However, the wedding is over, the dust has settled, and even though the business is keeping me busy, I’m happy to say that instead of picking out tablecloths and researching photographers, I can write about my favorite subject…DOGS!

And in the midst of busy past couple of months, a new member has joined my family! Reese is a tri-colored Collie and Elsa’s new sister. The two get along perfectly and are absolutely best friends! Elsa and I are back to practicing obedience, we have some shows coming up within the next couple of months. Last year she earned her Rally Novice Title and earned one leg of Rally Advanced. And though we plan to continue competing in Rally-Obedience in hopes to earn her Excellent Title, our focus this year will be obedience! It’s a lot more intense and competitive, but Elsa can certainly handle the challenge. Reese will follow in her sister’s shoes by trying out Rally-O as well. Though she doesn’t have the intensity as Elsa, she certainly has the enthusiasm! As well, Reese and I will try our luck in the show ring. Her pretty little face is sure to win the hearts of at least a couple of judges! Updates will be on the way!