Puppy Primary: Skills for Adolescent Puppies

Puppy Primary is for puppies between the ages of 6 to 8 months old. It will focus on good manners, impulse control, and calmness around distractions. We will help your adolescent pup learn to make good decisions when faced with challenges. And we will be there to support you and Read More

Puppy Kindergarten: Life Skills with Control Unleashed

Puppy Kindergarten is for puppies between the ages of 18 weeks and 6 months. The behaviors and concepts taught in these classes center on teaching you and your puppy tools that will be helpful for life skills both at home and out in the world.

Puppy Preschool: Socialization & Confidence Building

For puppies between 8 to 18 weeks of age, the focus of Preschool is on socialization and confidence building with activities designed to give your puppy a positive experience while learning how to navigate their world during this critical age.