College: Canine Good Citizen Ready

College is designed to put the polite manners learned in all of the earlier classes to the test by teaching you and your dog the skills needed to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. This level will even include an AKC evaluator testing your dog as a Canine Good Read More

High School: Team Building Between Owner and Dog

In High School the challenges and successes increase to activities that go beyond basic manners, further enhancing the relationship and team building between you and your dog. Fun games and real-life scenarios are introduced to begin to putting your dog’s skills to the test.

Middle School: Build on Calm and Focus

In Middle School we build on behaviors learned in Elementary School by adding in more distractions, distance, and duration. We also introduce some fun, new concepts including things like how to teach your dog a trick and the beginning of more complex behaviors.

Elementary School: Clear Communication and Cooperation

All dogs new to the BlueDog program begin in Elementary School. Manners, clear communication between handler and dog, and cooperation are all taught in this level. Additionally, students are provided with tools for working through distractions using both training and management.