April Showers Bring May Flowers

Ok, so I know rain isn’t the best subject right now. But let’s remember – rain means green grass and blooming flowers! And after probably the longest dog-walking-winter I’ve yet to experience, I’ll take the rain if it results in more signs of spring!

And my favorite sign of spring (ok, besides cute little puppies) are blooming flowers! Growing up as the daughter of the owner of Desmond Landscape, I’ve learned to appreciate everything from the first bulb to pop through the earth to the last leaf to fall from a tree.

However, I currently reside in a townhouse. Which simply means no opportunity to exercise my green thumb…besides my fast growing collection of indoor spider plants. So I must instead appreciate the gardens of my fortunate clients who are able to contribute more to their yards than just a condo fee.

And the yard that I anticipate the most each spring is that of my four friends Bruno, Bogart, Dexter, and Doobie. The humble yard boasts no fertilized gardens or manicured shrubs. Instead, it has a flower scattered here, an interesting plant there. It’s slow to bloom and you need to search hard to find all that it has to offer. But it has a lot to offer! Most especially the rose bush, which has yet to bloom this year. But I swear when those pink petals finally make their appearance, I can smell them the moment I step out of my car.

This year, I wanted to share this yard with all of you, so last week I brought my camera along with me. Mind you, I’m no photographer, but I do enjoy at least pretending I can be! Of course, I couldn’t resist snapping a couple shots of Doobie, he’s such a ham. And Elsa always manages to convince me to include a picture of her. I hope you enjoy : )

Solomon's SealTulip

Doobie greets me at the gate
Doobie greets me at the gate

PoppiesLilacPoppy in the Garden

Lily of the ValleyPurple Flower

Doobie insisted I took a picture of him
Doobie insisted I took a picture of him

White flowers

So please, join me in appreciating this rain…or at least putting up with it. For it’s only going to help make our yards that much more pretty to enjoy when it all finally stops!