Puppy Training Classes

We recommend that you get your puppy started in puppy training classes as soon as possible! We only require one round of vaccinations, per the recommendation of local vets, and follow the wise advice of The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior who states that the primary and most important time for puppy socialization is the first three months of his life. To read their entire article on Puppy Socialization please click here.

How Our Program Works

Our membership style puppy training program is designed to create the foundation of a lifetime of learning. Take unlimited puppy training classes, move up as your puppy graduates each level, try our popular weekly “Recess”, and watch your puppy develop into a star! Purchase a membership to be able to enroll in any course available for your puppy!

We offer two different types of courses for puppy training: Core classes and extracurricular activities. During core classes, your puppy starts by enrolling in puppy kindergarten, graduates to elementary school, and later to middle school as an adult. Think of “puppy kindergarten” as a pre-requisite for elementary school or middle school!

Extracurricular activities require no pre-requisite, and can be enrolled at-will by anyone with an active membership. Take advantage of our extracurricular puppy training courses without waiting for an opening in puppy kindergarten to help your puppy develop social skills, tricks, and more!

Our classes are positive based and family friendly. Our goal is to give you a foundation of understanding dog behavior and learning so that you can continue to build on your puppy’s training throughout his life!

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Attend unlimited puppy training classes including tricks, puppy recess, and more, or simply participate in our core classes and move up as your puppy graduates each level.

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Watch your puppy become a superstar!

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Enjoy unlimited puppy training classes throughout your entire membership!

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Enjoy Additional Extracurricular Activities

In addition to the core classes for your puppy, you can also enjoy these non-prerequisite courses for your puppy:

Around the Town

This class meets at the Andover Common on the cross streets of Chestnut Street and Bartlett Street in Andover. You and your pup will have an opportunity to learn to walk in a group with various every day distractions like cars, people and nature! Take a spin around the Common and then enjoy a pack walk through Downtown Andover. This class doesn’t require any previous skills, but may be difficult for young or more reserved puppies and dogs.

Puppy Combo

Our Puppy Combo class is for all puppies in both Kindergarten and First Grade. Take the opportunity to teach your Kindergartener some new skills and refresh those skills First Graders learned in Level 1. In addition to practicing commands, students will have an opportunity to practice safe and structured leash greetings so you’ll know what to do when introducing your pup to new dogs in your neighborhood!

Puppy Husbandry

Our Puppy Husbandry class is designed to help puppies and their owner accomplish handling and grooming in a positive way! All dogs will need to see the vet, and most will frequent the groomer at least a few times per year, so why not teach your puppies to be confident and happy while experiencing something so stimulating?! This class will give you the opportunity to work on brushing your dog, clipping nails and overall handling! Please bring your treats as you would for any class, and feel free to bring your own grooming tools as well!

Puppy Recess

BlueDog Academy’s Puppy Recess is your puppy’s chance to learn how to become confident in the real world! Recess will of course involve plenty of playtime amongst the puppies but will also give your puppy the chance to have many positive social interactions with people, novel items, and more. Your puppy will play, learn, play, learn, and play some more! This class is for puppies between the ages of 8-16 weeks OR timid/mellow pups. Please bring plenty of treats as you would to any class. Children are invited and encouraged to attend to provide additional socialization for the puppies, but will be asked to sit in chairs while puppies are off-leash. If you are a new student, we suggest attending Puppy Kindergarten at least once before attending Puppy Recess. If you have any questions about which Recess would be best for your puppy, please consult with your instructor.


Welcome to BlueDog’s Tricks Class! In this class we will work on teaching you and your dog fun tricks to enrich your training! Students can also work to achieve AKC Trick Dog Titles and in the process boost your dog’s confidence and skills! This class is open to students of all skill levels.

What can you expect your puppy to learn in puppy training class?

Good Manners

Start by building a foundation of good manners by teaching your puppy:

  • Response to his name
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Come when called
  • Walk on a loose leash
  • Leave-it
  • Drop-it

Common Concerns

Learn from puppy training class discussions about common puppy raising concerns:

  • House training
  • Chewing
  • Biting
  • Crate training
  • Managing your puppy at home


Enjoy a safe, positive environment for your puppy’s socialization:

  • Structured playtime with other puppies
  • Introduction to adult dogs
  • Friendly greetings with other people
  • Discussions on dog body language to better understand your puppy

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