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Attend unlimited dog training classes including tricks and more, or simply participate in our core classes and move up as your pup graduates each level.

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Watch your dog reach all of your dog training goals!

At BlueDog, all students begin in Elementary School, regardless of your dog’s prior training.  This allows you and your pup to become comfortable with our facilities, get to know our instructors, and learn our unique way of doing things.  We can assure that you will both learn new skills with us, and you’ll soon be able to advance to our higher levels!

How Our Program Works

You’ll begin by enrolling into our monthly auto renew membership program.  During that timeframe, you and your pup can attend unlimited classes based on his level.  Enrollment is rolling, so you can begin classes as soon as you are registered.  You will have access to your foundation classes, as well as BlueDog’s rotating extracurricular classes to give your dog a taste in a variety of sports and activities while enrolled in our program.  As your dog develops and learns, he will continue to graduate to our higher levels by demonstrating his known skillset, with the ultimate goal of earning his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate.

Our unique, constructive, and enjoyable curriculum was created by a team of dog training professionals with a combined 60+ years of dog training experience.  We use only the most progressive and effective methods based on positive reinforcement philosophies to ensure that you are teaching your dog in a successful manner that will also enhance your relationship with him.  Our team of instructors are kind and professional, and they excel at teaching fun and educational classes.  And we cultivate an atmosphere that allows our students to be supportive and helpful to one another, creating a relaxing and fulfilling experience for both you and your dog.

Your membership includes:

  • Unlimited access to all classes based on your pup’s age and level
  • Multiple classes a week to choose from
  • Exclusive access to BlueDog’s private Facebook group where you can ask our trainers questions and correspond with other students
  • A training pouch and clicker (received at your first in-person class)
  • An education from a team of trainers with over 25 years experience
  • Guidance to help your dog become a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen
  • And much more!

Our Current Adult Class Schedule

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Got a Question?

Make sure to check out our frequently asked questions section in regards to our dog training classes! Have a question not covered in our FAQ? Contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Our Dog Training Classes

All levels include access to your foundation classes, as well as our rotating “Extracurricular Activities.”  These supplemental classes allow you and your dog the opportunity to take even more classes together while diving deeper into some subjects, trying out sports, learning fun tricks, enjoying seasonal group walks, and more!

BlueDog Skill Sets

Our Skill Sets are the core to your dog’s success here at BlueDog Academy.  Skill Sets allow you to evaluate your dog’s progress and determine when he’s ready for the next level.  You’ll receive a list of goals at the beginning of our program that we hope to accomplish with your dog.  He can then progress at his own pace, and will be in class with other dogs who are learning the same skills.  Once you feel your dog has learned everything in your current level, you’ll register for a Skill Set to have him evaluated by an instructor.  If he passes, congratulations – he’ll graduate to the next level!  If he doesn’t complete each skills, that’s ok!  That’s just great information on what he needs to continue to work on, and we will continue to help you reach those goals in class.

  • Elementary School: Clear Communication and Cooperation

    All dogs new to the BlueDog program begin in Elementary School. Manners, clear communication between handler and dog, and cooperation are all taught in this level. Additionally, students are provided with tools for working through distractions using both training and management.
  • Middle School: Build on Calm and Focus

    In Middle School we build on behaviors learned in Elementary School by adding in more distractions, distance, and duration. We also introduce some fun, new concepts including things like how to teach your dog a trick and the beginning of more complex behaviors.

  • High School: Team Building Between Owner and Dog

    In High School the challenges and successes increase to activities that go beyond basic manners, further enhancing the relationship and team building between you and your dog. Fun games and real-life scenarios are introduced to begin to putting your dog’s skills to the test.

  • College: Canine Good Citizen Ready

    College is designed to put the polite manners learned in all of the earlier classes to the test by teaching you and your dog the skills needed to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. This level will even include an AKC evaluator testing your dog as a Canine Good Citizen!

Additional Resources

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BlueDog Academy is the perfect place for your dog to receive a full education, from elementary school all the way to his college graduation!

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