BlueDog Walk & Train Program

Want some hands on help with training your dog? BlueDog’s Walk & Train program offers that!  One of our trainers will come to your house multiple times a week to bring your dog out on a walk and work on any training goals you might have.

This program is ideal for someone looking for help with:

  • Training a puppy to walk on a leash
  • Teaching an adult dog to be better mannered out on walks
  • Helping with dogs who react to other dogs, people or cars out on a walk
  • Teaching a fearful dog to trust new people
  • And more!

Walk & Train Plan Pricing

4 Week Plan


3 walks a week

6 Week Plan


3 walks a week

Pricing may change depending on how many walks per week your trainer determines for your dog.

Walk and Train with BlueDog is a walk only performed by one of our trainers. The trainer will incorporate a goal oriented, hands-on and behavior modification walk. The need for a Walk and Train will be based on an evaluation of the dog by the trainer. The initial consultation occurs with the dog and parents, and takes about 30 minutes to conduct. The consultation fee is $50 [non-refundable]

The trainers, alongside the parent[s], will map out a plan for training. The trainers will report back weekly to the parents and they will send the parents a syllabus of what they would need them to work on at home to continue the training and solidify the results. The Walk by Trainer will be a set amount of time 3 times a week  for 4 weeks [$995] or 6-weeks [$1295]. The quantity of walks is in order to effect change and see results. Results are not guaranteed and more time may be required. Time needed will be based on the evaluation from the trainer. A final session will be coordinated with the parent[s] and trainer upon completion of the period of time designated for training to go over progress and any future recommendations.

What qualifies for a Walk & Train?

Reactivity, new puppy, manners, excitability, loose leash walking are some of the reasons

30 minute Walk and Train Evaluation


*Consultation fee is non-refundable

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